Want to learn to dance easily
in the comfort of your private home?

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We choreograph dances for wedding couples and wedding parties.

We have very romantic Two-Step dance sequence for the Bride and the Groom and a majestic Waltz sequence for the Bride and the Dad.

We also prepare wedding families and wedding groups.

We also have excellent Salsa, Bachata, Jitterbug (East Coast Swing) dance moves and sequences, suited for the couple, family and the entire wedding group.

We help you choose the right song, the right type of music. We have an excellent selection of recommended music.

Now, the song that you may like may be too fast and maybe difficult to dance with the bride’s long dress or make both the bride and groom break up some sweat! We know how to solve this problem! We show you how to simplify and modify the dance steps all while keeping the dance simple and enjoyable. We guarantee that you will look absolutely amazing!

Another problem may be that your favorite song may have a very slow beat and that could make the dance too slow – it may look like you are dancing in slow-motion. We can show you how to avoid this problem and speed up the dance just right to make it look really good.

You can take lessons with us at a studio in Houston or you can learn remotely using our amazing wedding dance video. The wedding dance video is only 45 minutes long. It is fun, easy and makes the learning process delightfully fast and simple. Watch the videos, practice in the comfort of your home. Do not confuse our modern and easy video with the complex, boring and ineffective videos you may have seen in the past that may have caused you to give up. Our dance videos are very modern, simple and you will learn fast while enjoying the experience. Once you have seen the video and practiced in the comfort of your home, have a friend record a video of you dancing with a Smartphone and then send us the video using DropBox. We will then critique your dance and send you a video with our customized feedback just for you. You will then view our comments and incorporate the recommendations in your routine. Once you have made the improvements, you can send us a new video and the process can be repeated a few times.

We have helped numerous wedding couples and all of them have given us a 5-star ***** rating. You will too! We are 100% confident that you will be thrilled with your video and everyone at the wedding will give a resounding applause!

Call (713)992-4292 or send email to Info@AmazingDanceStudio.Com for more information and to enroll.



Private Dance Lessons for Singles, Couples and Groups by appointment from:
5:30 PM to 10:30 PM on weekdays (except Friday)
11 AM to 7 PM on Saturday and Sunday

Please call at (713)992-4292 or send email to Info@AmazingDanceStudio.Com to enroll.


We also specialize in Dance Lessons for private parties and group events for:

Private Groups
Wedding Parties
Christmas Parties
Graduation Parties
Special Events
Cruise vacation dancing

Private lessons allow individuals and groups to focus better and can lead to faster progress.
We optimize time and effort to speed up progress with maximum fun and relaxation.

We choreograph your dances for special events like weddings. Just select your dances and music and leave the rest to us.
You will be amazed how quickly you will be ready for your wedding or special event.
Call (713)992-4292 for setting up your lessons, to get more information and for directions.


Our videos are fun, simple and concise. Our videos enable people to learn to dance quickly and easily!

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