Country Western Two Step and Latin Salsa Bachata Dance Lessons

Amazing Dance Studio is a new studio in Huffman TX.  We cater to quality private and semi-private lessons for all country western dances – Two Step, Polka, Latin dances – Salsa and Bachata, Swing dances – East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing and Gulf Coast Swing.  We also teach you for getting ready to go on a cruise.  We have excellent dance technique for couples weight loss dance.  Dancing is a great hobby.  You meet real people.  It is therapeutic.  You get your heart beat up.  You do not damage knees, hips and ankles as it is a low impact exercise.  Dancers reduce chance of getting Alzhimer’s disease or dementia by 70%.  Have fun, enjoy dancing.  Take that first step today.  Do not wait.  Our dance lessons and private dance videos are simple.  You will learn to dance faster and enjoy the process.

Contact us today – Info@AmazingDanceStudio.Com.

New Dance Studio in Huffman Texas

Welcome to Amazing dance Studio.  We are a new dance studio in Huffman TX, close to intersection of FM1960 and FM2100.  15 minutes from Crosby, Dayton and Humble and 30 minutes from Baytown and Mont Belvieu.

We specialize in Country, Latin, Swing, Weight Los and Wedding dances – Two Step, Polka, Salsa, Bachata, Waltz, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Gulf Coast Swing, Slow/Romance Dances.

Our new style of teaching is rule-based making it fun, fast and relaxing.

Two left feet, shy, never learnt, or any other reasons – No Problem! We guarantee you will become a good dancer and enjoy dancing.

We always get 5 star reviews from all dance students!  Never less than 5 star!

Call 713-992-4292 to schedule your private dance lesson today. $50 per hour for up to 4 people and then $5 extra per additional person.